The Power of our Words

Training for this marathon is teaching me some valuable lessons beyond just the physical endurance . Logging these miles, often alone, has challenged me mentally in a way I did not expect. Take this morning for example, I had planned to run 24km. No giant feat, I’ve run that distance before ..... but not completely alone. These longer runs I usually break up into 16 km with a running buddy and the rest on my own just to break the monotony. But today my running buddy is away on holidays so it was just me and my shoes. I have to say I honestly was nervous - not that I couldn’t do the distance, but could I stay engaged? Could I keep my mind focused? Could I stay motivated? This is where self-talk comes in. In the past few months I’ve been reading some great books on the power of our words and how they can literally propel us to our God given destiny or sink our personal ship so to speak. I’ve been trying to daily, out loud, read through a series of positive declarations regarding myself and my future.... and today as I started to run, my mind went back to those statements. As the nerves and self-doubt started to bubble up, the words of affirmation started ringing in my head “I am strong” “I am brave” “I can finish” “ I have what I need to complete this challenge” . And with that I kept running..... in fact I had a great run and ended up doing 26 km after a slight wrong turn :) I would challenge you, even if you are contemplating starting to run, running 5km or marathon training... start training your mind. Start teaching your mind to speak words of truth and hope over yourself and your body. “ I am healthy” “I am in shape” “ I have what I need to accomplish this goal”. You will be shocked at the power of the words you speak over yourself and the goals you can achieve when you train your mind day in and day out. Happy Running!