Making my marathon training plan

If you search online for marathon plans, you quite literally can come upon hundreds of plans, opinions and options. It is daunting to wade thru all the info and come up with a plan that is safe, realistic, and attainable. The last thing I wanted to do when starting this journey from 1/2 to full marathoner was to set myself up to fail or get discouraged early on. However, I 100% know that without a solid plan, the chances of me enjoying the journey and running a safe marathon were slim. So, I went to work crafting my own individual plan. 

I’ve been writing and testing my own plans for about a year and a half. I’ve also coached clients to their first half-marathons, 30km and 10kms so I have a reasonable amount of data to draw from. Based on that, I laid out my 3 top priorities: 

1. Only 3 runs per week

2. Start at the 1/2 marathon distance ( I conveniently have a 1/2 marathon trail race this weekend at week 13)

3. Be flexible to adjust to weather and life  

so.... after a few hours of reading, researching, thinking and day dreaming I’ve come up with my marathon plan. 

Its basically a 3 Run per week plan ( 1 tempo, 1 hills, 1 long) with a max distance of 32-34km. 

Once a week after my tempo ( race pace run) I am determined to be disciplined about my core exercises and resistantance band exercises for my legs - honestly this is the part I dislike the most !! I love to run .... I REALLY don’t like exercises !! I know from my 30km race training and race that the rest days after the long run are vital for my masters legs so those will be important as well. 

Nutrition: I  already eat pretty healthy and from what I’ve read about older runners, increased protein is crucial, so I intend to keep that a higher portion of my diet and try to increase my complex carbs and decrease my simple carbs .... thankfully I don’t have a sweet tooth to contend with, but I love cheese and crackers, bread and pasta - honestly just give me wine, bread and cheese and I’m a happy girl !!!! But, I know with my increasing mileage I’m going to have to give my body some better carbs and go easy on the cheese :( .... but still allow a glass of vino on the weekend - honestly who are we kidding - this a hobby right ??? 

Gear: I’m eyeing a new sport watch with music capabilities and have been researching like crazy to find one at the right price for what I need ... more on that later. I’m also going to need another pair of shoes ( these ones currently have 275km on them so by September I’ll be needing a new pair).... not sure if I’ll go with the Brooks Ghost or try another brand ... I do love my Ghost 10’s but I’ve been slowly making my way thru all the major brands so we’ll see... 

So there you have it , my marathon plan - minus the details - I’m confident this  plan will work for me and it’s flexible enough that hopefully my  training will not dominate my life nor interfere with my family ....time will tell if my plan was a successful one, but nonetheless, I’m on my way !