Marathon Wrap Up and Review

Well... I did it! 26.2 miles... 42.2 km , however you measure it, the marathon is a long way to run! The Detroit Free Press Marathon, my first, was everything I’d hoped my first marathon would be. Fantastic race expo, great host hotel, and absolutely spectacular race course!

The lead up to the race was tough, I got a nasty cold 1 week out during my taper but managed to get a few short runs in just days before the race. The weather was a sketchy 2 degrees ( -6 with the wind chill) , it was windy ! I hadn’t run in the cold up to this point and I struggled to know what to wear in that temp and distance. I erred on the side of being cold instead of warm which was a good plan in the end . I was so incredibly nervous I couldn’t carb load on Saturday - felt nauseous all day... and made numerous bathroom trips! As a result I was a bit sluggish at the start of the race  but no matter, I was hydrated and excited and knew my adrenaline would carry me. 

I woke up 2.4 hours before the race , had my coffee and snack and tried to relax... I couldn’t wait to leave the hotel for the race corrals and join the 25,000 other runners.  

Standing in that corral I was so proud of myself but I knew I had a big task ahead of me. When the horn went off and my corral finally moved to the start and I started running I was so excited - I was actually running a marathon . 

Ths bridges, the tunnel and  the views were amazing- I stopped to take numerous pictures. I kept my pace very conservative- fear of hitting the wall ! At mile 17 my watch died ! Ahh ! Luckily I had brought an iPod with me for pictures and back up music so after I paired my headphones I was off again, but this time with no watch to keep my pace and my intervals. I had to wing it. I took a 30 sec walk break after every song and ran hard during every song ... that was my pacing ... ! But it worked. I finished strong and in the upright position with a huge smile on my face. I had done it - I had competed a marathon. 4:45. A bit slower than I was hoping... but with pictures, no watch and a music malfunction I was happy - afterall it’s still a PB and a benchmark to build from . 

The marathon was an epic accomplishment for me - I loved it ! I can’t wait to do it again ! I’m hooked ! 

Beverly Gordon