"Like to Have"


In my last post I talked about my "must have" list of gear for new runners. In this post, I've put together what I would consider a "like to have list": 


1. Athletic tops in 3 different sleeve lengths: sleeveless, short and long

a. Allows me to run in any weather or time of day

2. Running Journal

a. Right now I’m using an app on my phone “running journal” and it does the trick for documenting my runs. Mileage, date, temperature, routes and times. I like a digital platform but you could use a notebook as well. Either way, its very helpful to be able to look back at previous runs, of varying distances especially if you are trying to PR or train for a certain race. Also, having a wardrobe malfunction on a run is easy to forget if you don't document it – for example, I have a few short sleeve tech shirts that work for 5km training runs, but I have worn them at longer distances and ended up with bad chafing under my arms from the seams – this info is easy to forget over time but a good thing to document in your journal.

3. Armband to hold ipod/iphone

a. Handy for all weather running especially if you like to run with music and like the safety of having your phone with you. Currently I am using an “Armpocket”. Its great all-weather design keeps my technology safe and it’s Velcro strap is sturdy – stays in place when I run.

4. Comfortable sport ear buds/headphones

a. If you like music on your run this is important – sore ears or ear buds that pop out will affect your rhythm and make your run miserable!

5. Running Hat or Running Sunglasses and headband

a. I used to run in a hat – it provided shade for my face and kept my hair out of the way. It also keeps the rain outof my eyes which has come in handy on more than one long run.  A running hat with good ventilation is key to keeping your head cool in the summer. Running Room has some great inexpensive hats to try.

b. Recently I decided to buy an pair of running sunglasses – they are super light-weight and have a grip on the nose piece that stays in place when I run and sweat. In the summer heat I m quite enjoying having my head uncovered.

c. Along with my sunglasses, I wear a “Treadband” . It has a unique undergrip that keeps it in place but wicks the sweat away from my face – sweat dripping in to my eyes is very uncomfortable! It is also adjustable – this is a plus since my head size runs a big above ave!

6. GU gels and electrolytes for long runs

a. This is a topic I will cover in future blogs, but these become vital for me when I’m running over 10km and/or running in the heat and humidity of the summer

7. Running socks

a. Helps to avoid blisters- currently I’m switching between Wright Socks and Smart Wool summer weight socks

I have once again pinned many of these items on my Pinterest boards for helpful reference. 

Beverly Gordon