Here is my "Nice to have if funds allow list " or "I've earned a running treat !"



1. Bluetooth headphones

a. Getting rid of the headphone cord for me makes my long runs so much more comfortable

2. Winter running suit, rain jacket and winter running shoes

a. I run outside all winter so these are a must for me, not inexpensive but definitely worth the investment if you strongly dislike the dreadmill as I do and want to enjoy the four seasons outside. I will post about my specifics on this as winter approaches

3. 2nd pair of running shoes to rotate through

a. this is something that some runners recommend. I have 3 pairs on the go right now, but I definitely have my favorite and tend to run in them more runs anyways

4. compression running socks

a. they feel lovely on the legs and look super cute. I have a pair from Running Skirts. I find them a bit warm for summer running however, spring and fall running I like them – allows me to wear my running skirts sooner and ditch the long leggings


5. Running capris/leggings

a. Just another option for spring and fall running. I do not like to be hot or cold on my runs – temperature comfort helps me to enjoy my runs, so I have a variety of capris and leggings in various weights to adjust to the outdoor temps. With capris or leggings a draw string is a must in my books – they will slip down while you run if you can’t tighten them and this can get VERY annoying after just a few km!

6. Water backpack 

a. Definitely handy if your long routes take you far from a water source - it can become annoying to have to plan long runs around a water source like a tourist info/ gas station / etc. Nathan makes some nice ones. 

7. Destination Races

a. Having a goal race, not just a goal time,  can be very motivating. Many are targeted to women only, feature beautiful race courses and fantastic swag bags. I will post later a list of some destination races, they don't always have to be far away, but just signing up and paying the entrance fee – ususally about $80 can make the difference between slipping on your shoes or slipping onto the couch at times. Plus, you’ll get a race shirt and a medal so who wouldn’t want that??!!

Beverly Gordon