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Accountability  |  Encouragement  |  
Realistic Training Plans for Busy Women  |  
Motivation for Long Runs  |  Companionship  |
RUN/WALK interval training



Individual Run Coaching For WOMEN ages 30-49

That Fit Your
Needs & Schedule



Running with me . . .

is like going out for a coffee and visit, but when we are done we will both feel good, look good, and have done something great for our bodies!


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what really happens?

How I Coach

As a health care professional I understand that long term, sustainable, lifestyle changes need to be made slowly, with accountability, in a manageable and enjoyable manner. 

I do not want you to feel like running is one more thing to check off your list, or worse, to feel guilty about if you can't always squeeze it into your schedule.

I want you to finish every run in the upright position, with a smile on your face, wanting to do it again.
— Jeff Galloway
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Program Overview



  • We will meet to identify your strengths, needs, and areas of potential weakness.

  • We will look at your time and existing commitments, so we can plan your training.

  • I will help you set goals and create an action plan to achieve them.

  • I will run once a week personally with you and connect with you throughout the week as you complete your independent runs

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The program will end in a distance run that you will be ready to complete.

You can complete your individual goals in a supportive group environment or on your own schedule with just a private coach - you choose.

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about me


Who I Am

Hi! I’m Beverly Gordon, a wife and mother of two who loves running. I am also a licensed Pharmacist. 

My passion for running and its health benefits has inspired me to encourage (coach) other women just starting out in the sport. I understand that, with a family and career, time is at a premium! I have also experienced that running is more than miles logged, it’s about the journey. Running provides personal empowerment and the sense of fulfillment that comes with achieving a goal, as well as making yourself and your health a priority.

I took up running later in life and have fallen in love with a sport that, in recent years, has welcomed a new category of participants - female recreational racers. I desire to make a sport that can seem intimidating fun and empowering.




Sault Ste. Marie

I want to help you discover the joy in running. The mental, spiritual, and physical fulfillment running can bring.

We can take that energy and put it into bettering ourselves - becoming better moms, wives, friends, and community members. 
— Beverly Gordon
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